Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get me free shipping at {Tom’s Employer}
Sure can, get a Prime Membership and you will get free shipping on most of your orders.
Can you get me free Prime membership?
Nope. I don’t get free prime, or even discounted prime membership. If you do find a discount, let me know!
What was you last New Year’s Resolution?
Many years ago I made a New Year’s resolution never to make another New Year’s Resolution. So far I have stuck with it.
What is your favorite beer?
I detest beer.
What is your favorite sport?
See the answer about beer, and substitute sport for beer.
Did you REALLY spend 16 years in Australia? Have you ever pet a Kangaroo? A Wombat? Do you like Vegemite?
Yes, Yes, Yes, and see Beer.
Are you a Democrat or a Republican?
Neither. A am zealously independent, mainly because I can’t stand what I see as the hypocrisy of both political parties.