Yep, there has to be a section on the technology for this to be my place on the web.

In case anyone is interested, this incarnation of THMoore.ORG is buillt using the following technologies:

  • Hugo static Website Generator
  • The Hugo Learn Theme - which I have really started to like.
  • DNS managed using Rout 53 by AMazon Web Services.
  • Hosting provided by AWS Amplify Console
  • Edited using a combination of VS Code, and A.T.O.M. Text editors.

My Desk If anyone is interested, this is my current work desk. The actual desk has raveled around the world with me. I use 3x 32” Wide Screen monitors for my primary work station. That any my new Razer Black Widow Elite Keyboard and RGB Mouse are connected to a Dual Monitor 4 port KVM Switch. This allows me to control my MacBook Pro work Laptop, my HP Z800 Development Workstation and my small Linux box. I also have an extra port for future options. To the left is a space monitor and keyboard that I can connect to other devices such as an Amazon DeepLens (Pictured) a DeepRacer (Not pictured), or one of my RaspheriPi devices.

Why Buy Mac Hardware? It’s sooooo Expansive. I’ve owned Mac laptops for most of the last ten years. I’ve had to replace 3 batteries in them. Other than that they last forever. In the long run Mac hardware has proven to be more stable that any other laptop I have used. That list includes: Sony, HP, NEC and Toshiba.