Session Workbook

The encounter workbook

  • DandDragonsSessionWorkbook.xlsx (40 ko)
  • Attached here is a project I am working on. It’s an encounter workbook for Dungeons and Dragons. The workbook helps you to build a session for characters and calculate appropriate experience for each encounter. My Excel skills are pretty basic, so I am sure that a lot more can be done. Check back here for more updates.

    The each of the pages is protected, but without a password, so you can feel free to modify as you like. Areas that are intended for you to fill in are colored with a peach color, as shown below.


    Using the Workbook:

    Session Workbook: The first page you can have up to six party members. You identify each characters level, class and current experience total. The sheet will calculate the amount of experience required for the character to reach the next level. The Remaining experience budget outlines the amount of experience for the entire party to level up. The sheet also lists the amount of experience budget for the levels of difficulty. (Easy, Medium, Hard or Deadly). The final section summarizes the encounters that are built out in the encounter worksheets.

    Encounter Worksheets: Each encounter worksheet allows you to specify the creatures for the encounters, as well as the number of each creature used in the encounter, and the experience for each creature. The sheet will automatically calculate the correct multiplier based on the number of creatures. Based on the experience budget for the selected creatures, the encounter worksheet will update to let you know the level of encounter. At the top of the sheet, you should provide a name for the encounter. The encounter name and experience values will be pulled onto the Session Workbook.

    There are enough encounter sheets in the file to support 10 encounters.

    Lookups: The lookups worksheet contains data and calculations that are used in the other sheets.

    Hyperlinks: If you click on the encounter number on in the summary section of the Session Workbook page, you will jump directly to that encounter worksheet. If you click on the text “Encounter Name” on an encounter worksheet, you will jump back to the “Encounter Workbook” page. This allows you to easily flip back and forth.